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Practice Areas

Jeff Moore is admitted to practice law in Maryland. He is not only an attorney, but also a professional engineer with decades of environmental engineering and earthwork construction experience as well as a small business owner. This added level of training and experience has benefited clients particularly in the following practice areas...

Environmental law is complex. Whether seeking permits or defending against enforcement, it helps to have an attorney who knows the science and the law.


Real Estate
When acquiring commercial or industrial property appropriate due diligence protects against liability from former uses. Your attorney should help you understand the risks.

Put your business on the right path. From a solid operating agreement through intellectual property protection, your attorney can make a positive impact.

Foggy Forest

When facing delays, cost overruns, contract disputes and differing site conditions, it helps to have someone on your side who understands the project to protect your interests.

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Environmental Risk Assessment and Management services - assess and manage environmental risks for real estate development, land management, and mergers and acquisitions. Represent businesses and individuals in civil litigation, environmental matters, commercial and industrial real estate transactions and earthwork construction. Advised clients with respect to communications with federal and state regulatory agencies in litigation, permitting, and regulatory matters. Provide guidance to clients, including industrial clients, law firms and environmental consultants related to environmental matters, Superfund sites, regulatory compliance, value engineering, and long-term strategic planning to optimize use of resources and enhance sustainability.

Areas of Experience

Construction | Land use and Zoning | Business Asset Purchase and Sales | Waste Management and Recycling | Materials and Mining | Commercial and Industrial Real Property Transactions | Chemical Manufacturing | Land Development | Stormwater | NPDES | Grading | Forensics | PFAS | Wetlands | Piers | Permitting | Landfill | Groundwater | Remediation | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Sports Law

Specific Laws and Regulations Frequently Implicated

Clean Water Act (CWA) | Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) | Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) | Brownfields and Voluntary Clean-Up Programs | State Land Use and Environmental Laws and Regulations

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering Services provided through D. Moore & Associates, LLC

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In court


Litigation, mediation and arbitration representation for environmental, business, contract, construction and land use matters. Clients have included developers, contractors, landowners, recyclers, mining companies and manufactures.

Contemporary Boardroom

Legal Advice and Consulting

All appropriate inquiries advice and support. 

Protection against CERCLA and state environmental liability.

Voluntary Cleanup Program and remediation consulting.

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Guidance and Counseling

Strategic planning and risk management guidance. Permitting assistance for construction and environmental impacts including wetlands, piers, waterfront and shoreline stabilization. Counseling in remediation of environmental impacts, risk assessment and alternatives evaluation.

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